August Hill Winery was founded by Sean Ginocchio and Mark and Teri Wenzel. Mark and Sean had been sharing adventures since their early grade school days. Then in 2000, when Mark became the guardian of a portion of his family's prized farmland, he knew it was time for him and Sean to launch their next great adventure. 

Standing on the land once tilled by his grandfather, August (Augie) Engelhaupt, Mark's passion for farming was re-ignited. He remembered as a child watching his grandfather Augie carefully tend the scenic piece of land overlooking the Illinois River Valley . Day in and day out Augie toiled away, completely consumed by his passion for the land. Mark wanted to capture Augie's insatiable passion and share it with others and began studying wine making. Together Sean and Mark created the vision for August Hill Winery, a company with a passion for creation. If you look closely at the August Hill logo, you'll see a bit of Augie, as the "A" comes from his personal signature!

Although Sean is no longer involved in the daily operations, Sean's wife, Tara, continues to create her inspiring paintings that are a part of our labels, marketing materials, and tasting room gallery.

Mark and Teri Wenzel continue to operate the vineyard and winery as well as the August Hill Winery Tasting Room in historic downtown Utica , just minutes from Starved Rock State Park . At the tasting room, visitors can enjoy August Hill Wines and other handcrafted creations, including paintings, sculpture, glass art, and more from a select group of featured artists. 

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